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Who We Are

Founded in 2019, Questera Foundation stems out of the decade long (and continued) experience of niiti Consulting Private Limited in Strategy design, Monitoring and Evaluation of CSR programs.

At Questera, we seek to create sustained and long-lasting impact for marginalized communities in India, through research driven strategies, systematic support and specialized partnerships

Questera acts as a catalyst, bridging the gap between stakeholders to ensure maximum impact. The community is always at the heart of our work.


Our vision is to break the cycle of marginalization by creating an eco-system of equal opportunities for
communities through collaboration.


Lack of Information

Ability to take risk and experiment

Ability to Sustain


Relevant and Accessible Knowledge Resources

We believe that the communities know themselves the best. We work with the community and key stakeholders to identify and document key information, which lies at the heart of all future decision-making. This helps our stakeholders overcome any knowledge gaps.

Operationalise Plans Walk the Talk.

A plan of execution is co-created, with risk mitigation strategies, and is further supported through a network of external specialists. This helps our stakeholders overcome any skill & resource gaps.

Capacity Development and Strategies to sustain

We plan for long-term impact. This is done through specialized skill training, interventions, and partnerships, driven by the knowledge and plans determined in the previous steps.

Need Catering To Gaps In The Social Sector

Our Approach

Community Led Problem Solving

  • Equipping the community to develop their own solutions
  • Amplifying the solution
  • Enabling them to execute the solution
  • Making them their own beneficiaries

Ecosystem of Resources & Partnerships

  • Utilizing action-based research strategies to identify gaps
  • Build robust resources
  • Partnering with relevant domain specialists to ensure greater on-ground impact

Sustainable, long-lasting solutions

  • Bridging the gap between resources, varied communities, and
  • organizations to ensure long-lasting impact
  • Promoting collaboration over competition between stakeholders

Our Approach

Multi-pronged execution
strategy & timeline, to improve development indicators in a timed and sustainable manner, at the ground level.

Utilizing action research to identify and delineate specific interventions & partners to reach a large section of India’s deaf population

A multi partner collaborative model, showcasing how strategic partnerships can
be used for different interventions throughout the timeline of a project

Work Process


With the Community

  • Assess 
    Map ground realities, examine needs, profiles, constraints, and external forces
  • Mobilize 
    Local partners, champions, and networks required to drive change
  • Skill 
    Workshops, trainings, and tertiary support to promote success


With the Enablers

  • Design
    Create community & user research driven initiatives that create opportunities and strengthen objectives
  • Operate
    Operationalize the initiative, and support running of the same through expert guidance & domain partnerships
  • Sustain 
    Encourage sustainability of initiative through leadership mentoring, strategic marketing, and ecosystem building


Through Collaboration

  • Asses  
    Assess and record existing organizations, Assess associations and networks
  • Match 
    Match the organizations with the relevant Match stakeholders, thereby matching the needs of both
  • Optimize 
    Explore interdependencies and provide cross- Optimize connections that strengthen the ecosystem

Our People

Meena Vaidyanathan

Ruchi Jolly

Vaishali G Jainn

Ramya Gopalakrishnan


Individuals up skilled
Households connected to govt schemes
Individuals attended awareness sessions/ counselling
Organizations partnered with to amplify impact
Pilots/ Research projects executed to build and strengthen resources for the deaf and rural communities

Our Donors