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Questera wants to be enabler of social change. It promotes a society, where people from diverse cultures are able to define their own development paradigm and fulfil their economic, social, cultural, and spiritual aspirations. Questera wants to support communities and in particular the marginalized, of the rural milieu to build on their capacity and strengthen their own,cultural identities, through use of local and indigenous knowledge as a key resource.


Strengthen and support inclusive, participatory, just and efficient institutions of the people which address food & livelihood security, health, education, cultural well-being and other entitlements.


Advocate sustainable and decentralized resource Management for necessary changes in society and governance so that powers, responsibilities and functions move from the community, outwards, from local through the state to the national and global.

Team – Founders

Meena Vaidyanathan

Email: meena@questera.in

Meena has over 25 years of experience working across industry sectors specialising in public policy, strategy and programme design as well as marketing. She has worked closely with senior management in leading organisations around the world advising them on change management strategies and supporting the implementation. She has worked on several case studies at Harvard Business School, INSEAD and IMT, Dubai. She believes in being a hands-on professional and switches easily between boardroom discussions and working on the field. She has a double Masters in Biotechnology and Management, and a certificate on Social Entrepreneurship from INSEAD.

She is an accomplished vocalist and loves to travel and cook.

Ruchi Jolly

Email: ruchi@questera.in

Ruchi’s journey in the Social Sector began due to a sabbatical during which she worked extensively in development of livelihoods and education of rural women. The opportunity to work with a social enterprise niiti opened up new horizons in this field. As COO in niiti since 2014 she has lead project design, M&E and impact evaluations for social programs. She extensively works with implementation agencies, CSR boards and beneficiaries for program improvements, cost optimization and drive impact.

She is a Chartered Accountant who started her career in cost control and audit with Anand Group. She diversified to operations management, digitisation and process optimization in Genpact. Her career is an amalgamation of hands on grassroots implementation to strategic and operational consulting, thus providing a balanced approach to executing social impact programs.

She is a crocheter and swears baking is a stress buster (all the more if for a loved one).

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