Meena Vaidyanathan

Meena Vaidyanathan

Meena has over 25 years of experience working across industry sectors specializing in public policy, strategy and programme design as well as marketing. She has worked closely with senior management in leading organizations around the world advising them on change management strategies and supporting the implementation. She has worked on several case studies at Harvard Business School, INSEAD and IMT, Dubai. She has a double Masters in Biotechnology and Management, and a certificate on Social Entrepreneurship from INSEAD.


She is an accomplished vocalist and loves to travel and cook. Her favorite travel destinations are food and wine trails. I have done 13 major vineyards around the world so far.

Unique skills: 

She believes in being a hands-on professional and switches easily between boardroom discussions and working on the field. 

Fun fact: 

Her fridge magnet collection was featured in the Hindustan times Sunday magazine Brunch in 2012.