Shivangi Gupta

Shivangi Gupta

Shivangi  completed her Masters in Economics from TERI School of Advanced Studies, Delhi, in the year 2019. She is strongly inclined towards qualitative/quantitative research. She did her master’s thesis on ‘Sustaining the Sugarcane Value Chain in India’ which aimed to ensure environmental sustainability of biofuels produced as a sugar by-product in India. She has worked with PRADAN for a few projects involving literature reviews and qualitative research. She has also worked as a part time research assistant for Ms. Devaki Jain- Padma Bhushan feminist economist and assisted her in writing papers majorly focused on gender studies and studies that throws light on United Nations since 1945. 


She loves to dance, listening to Linkin park and watching thriller shows. 

Unique skills: 

Graphic designing, data analysis and representation, working under pressure, work more efficiently when given multiple tasks

Fun fact: 

12 am is her dancing hour and she can make a dead person laugh.